Grange Foods’ stringent processes ‘Paddock-to-Plate’ process ensures consistently high outcomes and excellent animal welfare.

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Farming Process

Working with our sister company Makani Meats, Grange Foods has been building its own unique farming and process centres in each of the remote highland breading areas across Australia.

We source our livestock from the best regions right across the country and team with the best breeders to ensure our product is of the highest quality.

Pure, pristine growing environments and farming best practice ensures high quality of life for our animals, and it shows in the final product we produce.

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Organic Cattle Farming, world first by Makani

At our farms we carefully breed and raise the cattle to exacting standards, before transporting them directly to one of our state-of-the-art processing facilities for packaging.

The feedback, know-how and the resulting improvements in meat quality enables us to raise cattle with the taste that meat lovers around the world prefer.

Our sister company Makani’s Farmer Direct is a world first in Paddock to Plate cattle farming and distribution, this is also made available to all Grange Foods customers.

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Animal Welfare

Our beef is the envy of our competitors and the preferred choice of Australia’s major supermarket, food and restaurant chains for the following reasons:

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Food quality, safety and integrity are vital to all points along the red meat supply chain, so at Grange Foods we employ the latest technologies and processes to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and meat safety.

We process over 800 head a day, 6 days a week and strive for quality and consistency at every step along the process. We process between 650 to 700 veal and yearling cattle each day, 5 days a week.

We work hard to be among the industry leaders in processing and packaging to satisfy the requirements of both the domestic and international markets.

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Welfare & Hygiene Standards

Through our sister company Makani Meats, we have aligned our processing facilities with processing principals designed by Temple Grandin to eliminate distress and ensure the highest standard of animal welfare.

We ensure minimal stress to animals by careful handling and management and we have earned consumer confidence by our strict adherence to industry best practice including:

  • Handling our livestock in the most humane way possible
  • Designing our plants to ensure calm animals are processed
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Supply Chain & Distribution

We work hard to be among the industry leaders in processing and packaging to satisfy the requirements of both the domestic and international markets.

Our 800 pallet chiller rooms in Sydney provide an effective and reliable supply chain for our valued customers including Woolworths, Coles and ALDI supermarkets, our restaurant, hospitality, catering and food manufacturing and food service businesses.

Our cold stores in Sydney, Newcastle, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland (250 pallet chiller) and Western Australia (400 pallet chiller) provide efficient service delivery across wide areas of the metro and country regions.

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Standards & Accreditation

We carry a range of meats that are MSA (Meat Standards of Australia) giving our customers the satisfaction that our pasture to plate processing practices are of the highest standard.

Our meat for the Halal market is certified by the Australian red meat industry which has adopted strict procedures to ensure only accredited Halal meat products are available for our Islamic consumers. This program is guaranteed under the Australian law, and administered by the Federal Department of Agriculture.

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Customer Satisfaction

We believe in meeting each customer’s needs. Specific packing and shipping requirements can be met and we offer all delivery options: air, sea and land freight.

All orders placed will be shipped promptly and we can respond quickly to express-freight demands. All shipments are tracked and we can report on the status of any cargo.

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Quality Control

Grange Foods and our sister company Makani are committed to ensuring all our products are maintained in optimal conditions and comply with all specified standards set by the NSW Meat Industry Authority prior to delivery to our customers.

Our nationally accredited and certified processing systems are recognised as exemplars throughout Australia and we are at the cutting edge of technology and food safety with an AUS-Meat A+ rating.

Our stringent quality control practices have allowed us accreditation access international markets and our secure

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