“Private Selection” is the premium brand of beef from Nolan Meats. Private Selection is produced from grain finished yearling beef, renowned for superior eating quality and is characterised by a clean juicy taste, which on eating, delivers a light crisp flavour on the palate. Private Selection comes only from beef that complies with production and processing requirements to exceed the MSA eating quality money-back guarantee standards and is hung by the tenderstretch method to enhance tenderness.

Nolan Meats Private Selection is supplied in vacuum sealed bags and is available in a range of primal cuts including striploin, cube roll, tenderloin, short loin, rump, prepared ribs, blade, inside and knuckle. Nolan Meats Private Selection is available to the food service industry through foodservice distributors, leading retailers and wholesalers throughout Australia. Try some for yourself and you will see that this beef tastes better, has better colour and is more tender than other beef brands. Simply ask for Private Selection by name.

Nolan Meats products are renowned for our ability to deliver a fresh, light, clean flavour; a consistency and dependability that is the envy of all other beef brands. This is because Nolan Meats has taken MSA, the world’s best practice beef grading system, and gone one better by setting tighter, more stringent specifications for Private Selection.

Private Selection Meat Grading Criteria

As a business expanding into the diverse international market, Nolan Meats have worked to install the necessary equipment, implement the required procedures and employ adequate suitable team members to ensure that meat products leaving the plant have been segregated and processed in strict accordance with Islamic law.
At Nolan Meats, we are proud of our ability to experiment, innovate and deliver. We believe that we have developed a consistently fine beef product. Our beef is always lean, flavoursome and guaranteed tender.
After pioneering the MSA grading system Nolan Meats has taken the opportunity to launch it’s second MSA underpinned beef brand.  Increased consumer demand for a guarantee of the consistency of beef eating quality, but at a more competitive price point, was a key factor in pushing ahead with a second MSA underpinned beef brand.

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