A Consistent Favourite Around Here And Around The World

Fletcher Lamb is renowned for its consistent, year-round quality throughout Australia and around the world. Local and International chefs alike sing its praises for its sweet, honest and flavoursome eating characteristics. Fletcher Lamb graces the tables of five star restaurants, hospitality and food service establishments, just as it has become a longstanding favourite across Australian family dinner tables.

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A consistently high quality dining experience

The key to consistency is experience, and the Fletcher family has been raising and processing Australia’s finest lamb for generations. Their success has seen them recognised as one of the largest family-owned Lamb processing operations in Australia. The welfare of the animal, selective breeding, natural pastures and processing expertise helps guarantee a consistently superior product year round.

Available in all your favourite cuts

Fletcher Lamb is available in all regular primal cuts and can be supplied as whole pieces (for volume situations). Portion cutting and value adding is available.

Grange value-added and customised products

Ask Grange about creating bespoke products to suit your needs. Portion cut, tenderised, minced, brined or crumbed. Grange supplies sausages, burger patties, award-winning ham and much more.