Tasty, Tender And Succulent Australia's Premium Pork

Timbarra Premium Australian Pork is sourced from the finest growing regions in our sun-drenched land and has quickly earned a reputation as one of Australia’s finest. Full of moisture and flavour, with a light-coloured, fine, even texture and superb eating quality. There’s no better than Timbarra Premium Australian Pork.

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Exceptional flavour, consistency and tenderness

The consistent eating quality and flavour of Timbarra Premium Australian Pork keeps our customers (and yours) coming back for more, time after time. Timbarra Premium Australian Pork is raised sow stall free. A rich, lush and natural diet, combined with care for animal wellbeing delivers a consistently top-notch product that doesn’t disappoint.

Available in all your favourite cuts

Timbarra Premium Australian Pork is available in all regular primal cuts and can be supplied as whole pieces (for volume situations). Portion cutting and value adding is available.

Grange value-added and customised products

Ask Grange about creating bespoke products to suit your needs. Portion cut, tenderised, minced, brined or crumbed. Grange supplies sausages, burger patties, award-winning ham and much more.