Pure Black Angus
The Meat Lovers Choice

Our premium grain-fed Black Angus beef offers the meat lover consistent eating quality, with exceptional flavour and tenderness. Pure bred premium quality Black Angus is grain-fed, and ‘polished’ for 100 days, to create the finest Black Angus beef available.

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Exceptional flavour, consistency and tenderness

Ebony Angus is produced from carefully selected prime quality Black Angus cattle, and grain finished for 100 days.  It delivers a tender, marbled, juicy and flavoursome eating experience, and is available chilled or frozen.

Available in all your favourite cuts

Ebony Angus is available in all regular primal cuts and can be supplied as whole pieces (for volume situations). Portion cutting and value adding is available.

Grange value-added and customised products

Ask Grange about creating bespoke products to suit your needs. Portion cut, tenderised, minced, brined or crumbed. Grange supplies sausages, burger patties, award-winning ham and much more.