Consistent High Score Marbling For The Best Wagyu All Year Round

DMC Black Wagyu is a consistently high grade product renown for its eating quality with a marble score above 7 for 75% of each process. This means you get beautiful, buttery smooth eating every time. DMC have been recongnised as ‘specialist’ market leaders, with Wagyu cattle raised stress-free, on a natural non-GMO (HGP and antibiotic free) diet, including Corn, Barley and Cereal straw for a minimum of 400 days.

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The finest wagyu beef that simply melts in your mouth

Highly Awarded DMC Black Wagyu has become synonymous with the finest Wagyu available in Australia, with an exceedingly melting and delicate texture sought after for this type of premium product, with a rich and buttery onset, followed by a hearty meat finish that lingers on the palate. If you want to impress, it’s hard to go past DMC Black Wagyu for the finest eating pleasure.

Available in all your favourite cuts

DMC Black Wagyu is available in all regular primal cuts and can be supplied as whole pieces (for volume situations). Portion cutting and value adding is also available.

Grange value-added and customised products

Ask Grange about creating bespoke products to suit your needs. Portion cut, tenderised, minced, brined or crumbed. Grange supplies sausages, burger patties, award-winning ham and much more.